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Plugins - Font Awesome 5

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You can use this plugin to set the global default icons to FA5. This plugin requires the FA5 resources to be loaded.

//example picker
const datetimepicker1 = new tempusDominus.TempusDominus(document.getElementById('datetimepicker1'));

//to set globally
import {load, faFiveIcons} from '@eonasdan/tempus-dominus/dist/plugins/fa-five'

// otherwise to set icons to an individual picker
datetimepicker1.updateOptions({ display: { icons: window.tempusDominus.plugins.fa_five.faFiveIcons }});
datetimepicker1.updateOptions({ display: { icons: faFiveIcons }});

FA 5 Icons

FA icons
Option Value
type icons
time fas fa-clock
date fas fa-calendar
up fas fa-arrow-up
down fas fa-arrow-down
previous fas fa-chevron-left
next fas fa-chevron-right
today fas fa-calendar-check
clear fas fa-trash
close fas fa-xmark