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Powerful and robust date and time picker

Tempus Dominus is the successor to the very popular "eonasdan/bootstrap-datetimepicker". The plugin provides a wide array of options that allow developers to provide date and or time selections to users as simple pickers, date of birth selection, appointments and more.

Currently v6.0.0-beta10 ยท v5 docs


Install Tempus Dominus via npm.

npm install @eonasdan/tempus-dominus

Read installation docs


We recommend you use a CDN like jsDelivr.

Popper is required and must be included before the main picker script.

Explore the docs
<!-- Popperjs -->
<script src=""
<!-- Tempus Dominus JavaScript -->
<script src=""

<!-- Tempus Dominus Styles -->
<link href=""
  rel="stylesheet" crossorigin="anonymous">

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