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These events may provide additional details. For native javascript you can get this data via e.details.*. For jQuery the details are directly in the event, e.g.

Each of these events inherit from the BaseEvent interface.

interface BaseEvent {
  type: string; //e.g.
  viewMode?: keyof ViewMode //'clock' | 'calendar' | 'months' | 'years' | 'decades'

Emit when the date selection is changed.

interface ChangeEvent extends BaseEvent {
  date: DateTime | undefined;
  oldDate: DateTime;
  isClear: boolean;
  isValid: boolean;

Emits when the view changes for example from month view to the year view.

interface ViewUpdateEvent extends BaseEvent {
  viewDate: DateTime;

Emits when a selected date or value from the input field fails to meet the provided validation rules.

interface FailEvent extends BaseEvent {
  reason: string;
  date: DateTime;
  oldDate: DateTime;

Emits when then picker widget is displayed.

Emits when the picker widget is hidden.

interface HideEvent extends BaseEvent {
  date: DateTime;