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Change Log

Version 6

Version 6-alpha14


  • Cleaned up css a bit. Got rid of the popper arrow and aligned the picker to the start of the element.
  • BREAKING display.inputFormat now takes a function, not an Intl format. It has also been moved to hooks.inputFormat By default a function will be executed that uses Intl to format the selected date(s) based on the selected components.
  • Added hooks.inputParse
  • Merged number localization Thanks @hkvstore #2408

Bug fixes

  • Merged a fix for parsing issue from comparing constructor names. Thanks @faatihi #2408
  • Fixed doc issue
  • Fixed input value for real this time. #2387
  • Fixed keepOpen
  • Fixed widget positioning with rtl #2400

Version 6-alpha1.0.13


  • Created a new method set(value: any, index?: number, from: string = 'date.set') that tries to conver the value provided and then tries to set that value to the index (or 0 if not using multidate).
  • Added esm output
  • Exposed Unit and DateTimeFormatOptions from the DateTime class.
  • Renamed togglePeriod to toggleMeridiem
  • Added toggleMeridiem class to AM/PM button
  • Cleaned up css a bit. Got rid of the popper arrow and aligned the picker to the start of the element.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed dealing with input values/changes.
  • Fixed issue when calling hide if the widget hasn't been built (or shown) yet.
  • Fixed meridiem issue. Thanks @hkvstore #2398
  • Merged PR 2396 to fix 24 hour hour selection. #2395
  • Fixed issue with time component grid. #2395

Version 6-alpha1.0.4

Bug fixes

  • Fixed issue with meridiem (AM/PM) button clicks.

Version 6-alpha1.0.3

Bug fixes

  • Fixed year display after selecting a decade. #2386
  • Fixed issue if the input field had a value. #2387
  • Fixed setting the defaultDate option with a Date object. #2391

Version 6-alpha1


  • picker returns a DateTime which is an extended javascript Date object.
  • picker no longer uses jQuery, momentjs, or bootstrap
  • events now have interfaces


  • renamed tooltip to localization
    • renamed tooltip.prevMonth to localization.previousMonth
    • renamed tooltip.prevYear to localization.previousYear
    • renamed tooltip.prevDecade to localization.previousDecade
    • renamed tooltip.prevCentury to localization.previousCentury
    • moved dayViewHeaderFormat to localization.dayViewHeaderFormat
    • dayViewHeaderFormat now takes a javascript intl month option, e.g. long (default)
  • moved locale to localization
  • removed useStrict
  • removed timeZone
  • removed format
    • added display.inputFormat that takes DateTimeFormatOptions;
  • removed collapse
  • removed extraFormats
  • removed widgetParent
  • removed widgetPositioning
  • changed viewMode from 'times' | 'days' to 'clock' | 'calendar'
  • renamed allowMultidate and multidateSeparator to multipleDates and multipleDatesSeparator
  • moved the following to restrictions
    • minDate
    • maxDate
    • disabledDates
    • enabledDates
    • daysOfWeekDisabled
    • disabledHours
    • enabledHours
    • readonly
    • disabledTimeIntervals
  • moved the following to display
    • sideBySide
    • calendarWeeks
    • viewMode
    • toolbarPlacement
    • buttons
    • widgetPositioning
    • icons
    • inline
    • keepOpen
  • disabledTimeIntervals is now an array of { from: DateTime, to: DateTime }
  • removed check for dateOptions on the element data set. jQuery hid allowing an object by looping through the properties
  • removed keybindings - this might come back later
  • removed readonly<
  • removed ignoreReadonly<
  • removed focusOnShow<


Tip: All new css values are in Namespace.Css.* in the consts.ts file
  • renamed bootstrap-datetimepicker-widget to tempus-dominus-widget
  • renamed tempusDominus-bootstrap-datetimepicker-widget-with-calendar-weeks to tempus-dominus-with-calendar-weeks ( v5)
    • removed .input-group [data-toggle="datetimepicker"] setting the cursor type to pointer.
  • renamed datepicker to date-container
  • renamed datepicker-decades to date-container-decades
  • renamed datepicker-years to date-container-years
  • renamed datepicker-months to date-container-months
  • renamed datepicker-days to date-container-days
  • renamed prev to previous
  • renamed data-day to data-value to be consistent with other views
  • renamed usetwentyfour to useTwentyfour
  • renamed timepicker to time-container
  • renamed timepicker-hour to time-container-hour
  • renamed timepicker-minute to time-container-minute
  • renamed timepicker-second to time-container-second

Saas file is now called tempus-dominus.scss. The "build" file has been deleted as it's no longer required.


  • changed isInvalid to isValid and flipped the boolean (v5)
  • changed event now emits undefined instead of false when the date is being cleared
  • changed from datetimepicker to tempus-dominus
  • changed root data namespace from datetimepicker to td

Version 5

Version 5 was a rewrite of v4 taking some pending pull requests and fixes along with it. Unfortunately, I didn't do a very good job at documenting those changes.

Version 4

The changlog from v2-v4 can be read here.