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Version 6 defaults to FA 5 icons (but will switch to FA 6 when that's released), removes moment, jQuery and Bootstrap as depedencies. It also uses Popper.js v2.

This tool attempts to convert your configurations from previous version of the picker to v6. Paste your current configuration into the input box. Due to how this process works, it cannot convert usages of moment or date objects. Set any property that uses unsupported values to undefined so that configuration can still be converted.

For more information on what's changed, check out the change log.

If you find a bug or your configuration doesn't work, please open an issue.

You can try your settings out here. If you're using an old version of FA or a differnt icon family, the icons won't show.

Exception 1

Moment is no longer used or an accepted value for configurations. You can either change the config to use the value of undefined or remove the configuration. There's just no way I could convert every possible way to use moment into something that works for the new version.

Exception 2

The current process doesn't work well with functions or object initalizers. You will have to replace those calls. If you have a suggestions on how to improve this, please let me know.