How do I disable the date or time element

How do I format ...; How do I add seconds; etc.

The picker uses the format option to decide what components to show. Set format to LT, LTS or another valid MomentJs format string to display certain components

How do I change the language/locale

The picker uses MomentJs to determine the language string. You can use moment-with-locales or you can include whatever local file you need. Set the picker's locale option to de or whatever the locale string is.

How do I change the styles? The picker closes.

Set debug:true which will force the picker to stay open, even onBlur. You can hide the picker manually by calling hide()

How do I change the start of the week?

Start of the week is based on the locale provided. This is defined by moment's locales. If you want to change it, create your own locale file or override. See moment's docs.

How I use the picker as birthday picker?

Use the viewMode option to 'years'